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I Will Find You thumbnail
I Will Find You eAudiobook
Joanna Connors / Laurence Bouvard

‘More chilling than a horror film and more thought provoking than an HBO doc …I Will Find You is..

Hunting El Chapo thumbnail
Hunting El Chapo eAudiobook
Cole Merrell; Douglas Century / Robert Fass Available 26th October 2021

This is the untold story of the American federal agent who captured the world's most wanted drug lor..

A Different Class Of Murder thumbnail
A Different Class Of Murder eAudiobook
Laura Thompson / Anna Bentinck Available 21st October 2021

On 7 November 1974 a nanny named Sandra Rivett was bludgeoned to death in a Belgravia basement. A se..

Cold Blooded Murder thumbnail
Cold Blooded Murder eAudiobook
Brad Hunter / Robert G. Slade

Murder is the most vile crime known to man.It can be triggered by love or money or sex. Those are th..

Conan Doyle For The Defence thumbnail
Conan Doyle For The Defence eAudiobook
Margalit Fox / Crawford Logan

Just before Christmas 1908 wealthy 82-year-old spinster Marion Gilchrist was found bludgeoned to dea..

Say Nothing thumbnail
Say Nothing eAudiobook
Patrick Radden Keefe / Matt Blaney

A shocking true story of murder extreme politics and the deep scars left by the Troubles in Ireland ..

The Bling Ring thumbnail
The Bling Ring eAudiobook
Nancy Jo Sales / Kathleen Mary Carthy

Published alongside the 2013 film The Bling Ring directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Emma Watson ..

We Are Not Such Things thumbnail
We Are Not Such Things eAudiobook
Justine van der Leun / Laurel Lefkow

A ‘MAKING A MURDERER’ set in South Africa - a gripping true-crime story of murder and the justic..

Bones thumbnail
Bones eAudiobook
Joe Tone / Ray Porter

Two brothers live parallel lives on either side of the US—Mexico border. This is the dramatic ..

Ranger Games thumbnail
Ranger Games eAudiobook
Ben Blum / Johnathan McClain

A tense and layered true-crime story about an all-American soldier boy turned bank robberAlex Blum w..

We'll All be Murdered in Our Beds! thumbnail
We'll All be Murdered in Our Beds! eAudiobook
Duncan Campbell / John Telfer

In this colorful history of the wild world of crime reporting since 1700 Duncan Campbell reveals wha..

Did She Kill Him? thumbnail
Did She Kill Him? eAudiobook
Kate Colquhoun / Maggie Mash

In the summer of 1889 young Southern belle Florence Maybrick stood trial for the alleged arsenic poi..

The Curious Habits Of Dr Adams thumbnail
The Curious Habits Of Dr Adams eAudiobook
Jane Robins / Kate Lee

In July 1957 the press descended in droves on Eastbourne. An inquest had just been opened into the s..

The Lady in the Cellar thumbnail
The Lady in the Cellar eAudiobook
Sinclair McKay / Charles Armstrong

Number 4 Euston Square was a respectable boarding house like many others in Victorian London. But be..

If I Tell You I'll Have to Kill You thumbnail
If I Tell You I'll Have to Kill You eAudiobook
Michael Robotham / Shaun Moreton Taryn Ryan

Crime fiction is the single most popular genre in international publishing and Australia has some of..