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A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy thumbnail
A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Simon Mattacks Available 16th October 2023

For vicar’s wife Dorothea Cassidy Thursdays were special. Every week she would look forward to the..

A Book of Bones thumbnail
A Book of Bones eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding Available 28th October 2023

On a lonely moor in the northeast of England the body of a young woman is discovered near the site o..

Troubled Blood thumbnail
Troubled Blood eAudiobook
Robert Galbraith / Robert Glenister

Private Detective Cormoran Strike is visiting his family in Cornwall when he is approached by a woma..

A Prey to Murder thumbnail
A Prey to Murder eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Seán Barrett Available 13th October 2023

The huge and powerful hawk dominated the scene. Its talons pierced the woman’s flesh and the beak ..

A Lesson in Dying thumbnail
A Lesson in Dying eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Simon Mattacks Available 13th October 2023

Who hanged the headmaster in the playground on the night of the school Hallowe'en Party? Almost ever..

A Bird in the Hand thumbnail
A Bird in the Hand eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Seán Barrett Available 18th October 2023

Young Tom French was found dead lying in a marsh on the Norfolk coast with his head bashed in and hi..

Fifteen Reasons to Kill thumbnail
Fifteen Reasons to Kill eAudiobook
Michelle Kidd / Simon Mattacks

Eighty-one-year-old Eddie Wakefield is found brutally murdered at the nursing home where he lives. C..

Payback in Death thumbnail
Payback in Death eAudiobook
J.D. Robb / Susan Ericksen

When a retired police officer is found dead in his home Lt. Eve Dallas and the team are called to th..

Cold as Hell thumbnail
Cold as Hell eAudiobook
Lilja Sigurdardottir / Colleen Prendergast

Icelandic sisters Áróra and Ísafold live in different countries and aren‘t on speaking terms bu..

Cry Baby thumbnail
Cry Baby eAudiobook
Mark Billingham / Mark Billingham David Morrissey Robert Glenister

It's 1996. Detective Sergeant Tom Thorne is a haunted man. Haunted by the moment he ignored his inst..

A Game of Minds thumbnail
A Game of Minds eAudiobook
Priscilla Masters / Julia Franklin

It's been six years since 14-year-old Marvel Trustrom went missing - six long years for Marvel's ser..

The Innocent Bystanders thumbnail
The Innocent Bystanders eAudiobook
James Mitchell / David Thorpe

Department K didn't tell John Craig why Kaplan was important. That wasn't his business. His business..

The Fine Art of Invisible Detection thumbnail
The Fine Art of Invisible Detection eAudiobook
Robert Goddard / Naoko Mori

Umiko Wada has had quite enough excitement in her life. With her husband recently murdered and a mot..

The Killing Place thumbnail
The Killing Place eAudiobook
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

When a man is shot dead on Bonfire Night DI Wesley Peterson realises this will not be the quiet mont..

Artful Antics at St Bride's thumbnail
Artful Antics at St Bride's eAudiobook
Debbie Young / Laura Kirman

When English teacher Gemma Lamb's school flat is wrecked by spring storms maverick headmistress Hair..