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London Rules thumbnail
London Rules eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett

London Rules might not be written down but everyone knows rule one. Cover your arse. Regent's Park's..

The Ghost Orchid thumbnail
The Ghost Orchid eAudiobook
Jonathan Kellerman / Jeff Harding

In an upscale Bel Air property two lovers are found dead in a swimming pool. The man is the playboy ..

Where There's Smoke thumbnail
Where There's Smoke eAudiobook
Simon Beckett / Julia Barrie

Imagine not knowing the father of your child. Not knowing his name. What he looks like. Or what sort..

American Tabloid thumbnail
American Tabloid eAudiobook
James Ellroy / Jeff Harding

1958. America is about to emerge into a bright new age - an age that will last until the 1000 days o..

Baltic Black Ops thumbnail
Baltic Black Ops eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

The twentieth century is drawing to a close and the Russians are up to all sorts of dirty tricks in ..

Dead Tide thumbnail
Dead Tide eAudiobook
Fiona McIntosh / Jerome Pride

MILLION COPY BESTSELLING AUTHORNewly promoted Detective Superintendent Jack Hawksworth has headed up..

Halfway House thumbnail
Halfway House eAudiobook
Helen FitzGerald / Nicolette Chin

On her first shift at an Edinburgh halfway house for violent offenders a young woman is taken hostag..

Hell's Gate (DCI Bennett Book 2) thumbnail
Hell's Gate (DCI Bennett Book 2) eAudiobook
Malcolm Hollingdrake / Nicholas Camm

A domestic dog attack on a child leads to a complex case - the macabre discovery of indiscernible bo..

Drop Zone thumbnail
Drop Zone eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

The daughter of an American politician has been kidnapped by white supremacists in Namibia. The kidn..

Dead Sweet thumbnail
Dead Sweet eAudiobook
Katrin Juliusdottir / Karen Cass

When Óttar Karlsson a wealthy and respected government official and businessman is found murdered a..

The Reversal thumbnail
The Reversal eAudiobook
Michael Connelly / Peter Giles

Longtime defense attorney Mickey Haller is recruited to change stripes and prosecute the high-profil..

The Special Collection thumbnail
The Special Collection eAudiobook
Ted Allbeury / Peter Noble

Germany 1945. British agent Stephen Felinski is parachuted into Hitler's fast-collapsing empire with..

Conclave thumbnail
Conclave eAudiobook
Robert Harris / Roy McMillan

The Pope is dead. Behind the locked doors of the Sistine Chapel one hundred and eighteen cardinals f..

Children of the Dark thumbnail
Children of the Dark eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

The town of Pine Ridge has an eerie past with tales of witchcraft and ritual murders but when a loca..

Dark Forces thumbnail
Dark Forces eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

A violent South London gang will be destroyed if Dan “Spider” Shepherd can gather enough evidenc..