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Condemned thumbnail
Condemned eAudiobook
R.C. Bridgestock / Sarah Durham Available 22nd June 2024

An old house. A fire. Two corpses… DI Charley Mann returns in this gripping crime thriller.West Yo..

Forgotten in Death thumbnail
Forgotten in Death eAudiobook
J.D. Robb / Susan Ericksen

Lieutenant Eve Dallas hasn't even arrived at work when her first call of the day comes in. Alva Quir..

Six Years thumbnail
Six Years eAudiobook
Harlan Coben / Kerry Shale

International bestseller Harlan Coben returns with a thriller that explores the depth and passion of..

Payback thumbnail
Payback eAudiobook
R.C. Bridgestock / Sarah Durham

Returning home is never easy. Not when there is a serial killer at work… A completely unputdownabl..

Persecution thumbnail
Persecution eAudiobook
R.C. Bridgestock / Sarah Durham

Lock your windows. Lock your door. And don't look outside…At the local university a series of inci..

Betrayed thumbnail
Betrayed eAudiobook
Roberta Kray / Annie Aldington

After losing her mum in a tragic accident when she was young Chrissy Moss had to find out the hard w..

Murder On The Christmas Express thumbnail
Murder On The Christmas Express eAudiobook
Alexandra Benedict / Sophie Roberts

CAN YOU SOLVE THE CASE?  'Whatever you unwrap for Christmas you had better hope it’s this book. ..

Angels Weep thumbnail
Angels Weep eAudiobook
Colin Falconer / Matt Addis

Two women are snatched off the streets of London in one weekend. DI Charlie George and his team get ..

Arsenic at Ascot thumbnail
Arsenic at Ascot eAudiobook
Kelly Oliver / Willow Nash

London 1918 Fiona Figg finds herself back in Old Blighty saddled with shuffling papers for the war o..

Random in Death thumbnail
Random in Death eAudiobook
J.D. Robb / Susan Ericksen

Sixteen-year-old Jenna Harbough's parents have finally given in and now here she is at a New York cl..

A Cold Death thumbnail
A Cold Death eAudiobook
Antonio Manzini / Daniel Philpott

Small towns can hide big secrets but Rocco Schiavone will do whatever it takes to bring them into th..

A Death At The Palace thumbnail
A Death At The Palace eAudiobook
M.H. Baylis / David Thorpe

Reporter Rex Tracey has just recovered from his affair with Lithuanian artist Milda Majauskas when s..

Seven Days to Die thumbnail
Seven Days to Die eAudiobook
Michelle Kidd / Simon Mattacks

A woman's body is discovered in Hyde Park. Wearing only one shoe. Close by Detective Jack MacIntosh ..

The Ship of Death thumbnail
The Ship of Death eAudiobook
Vera Morris / Antonia Beamish

With a ruthless criminal loose on the Suffolk coast life is anything but peaceful for the Anglian De..

All Kinds of Dead thumbnail
All Kinds of Dead eAudiobook
James Craig / Joe Jameson

When a fortune in uncut diamonds is nicked by a group of soldiers Inspector Carlyle teams up with Ca..